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Divining Spark

Music, Art, and Prose from the Soul



Divining Light

Relational Coaching

Peacemaking, Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping


This is a Love Story to enhance, nurture and cultivate.

I feel deeply grateful I was raised in the Slocan Valley where the fields, meadows, creeks, streams and rivers were my playground. I joyfully spent hours relating to and with nature and its animals, insects and birds. I delighted in knowing the Life Giving Force that moved through us all. I come from a lineage of Doukhobors, peace seeking dissidents from Russia. Literally translated, it means Spirit Wrestler; we're wrestling to be free from material bondage. With the help of Tolstoy and the Quakers, we were able to immigrate to Canada. Like the Quakers, we believe there is a Spark, Life Giving Force, God, Source, Love Light, Amarjah, Wakan Tanka, etc. within all.

I've always been a peacemaker, peacebuilder and peacekeeper. I was separated from my mother and father at birth for 10 days, when I galvanized my relationship with Source. When I was an infant,  my mother suffered with a misdiagnosed hyperthyroidism and was treated for mental illness instead. This lead her to be hospitalized for a short time, have shock treatments and brain altering medication. As a child, during times of her breakdowns at home, I would go to her and allow Love to speak through me. What I would say gave her comfort and the way would open where she could carry on. 

The heights of ecstasy and the depths of despair are experienced by all to varying degrees. Divining Light through it all for the greatest good is what I love to do and have been born into doing. We are a human family on this journey together.  If you are sincerely searching, the way will open. We can do this together.


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