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To my reflections

I love to be still and quiet

while I deeply listen to the beauty of

Mother Nature, enchantress of the heart. Sometimes I hear words, tunes and songs while other times I hear a reminder to contemplate upon something.

I like to self reflect upon my day, celebrate moments of connection, discovery and accomplishment. I also like to reflect upon when and where things are amiss; what is my part

and how/what can I learn.

These reflections I candidly share are my experiences.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy receiving them.


If you hold
an anti-war rally,
I shall not attend.
But if you hold a
pro-peace rally
invite me.

~Mother Teresa~

I was born into a lineage of conscientious objectors so it was a natural movement for me to take the Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping Course,
(in collaboration with
Nonviolent Peaceforce), at Selkirk College.The picture above shows me with my UCP certificate.
When I was asked to join local UCP to help increase safety at outdoor events during pride week, it was a natural movement to do so. The events were not only peaceful and free from any incidents, they were joyful, rainbow rich colorful people, and included groups such as, and

There were many friends I hadn't seen in a long time, whose children were friends with mine. Like mama bears, we cared compassionately for our children doing our best to allow the unique and ever evolving quality to emerge. Growing is not a comfortable process ~ hence growing pains.

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