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 Music from the  Enchantress

We have been steeped in the music of our mother's womb and comforted by the rhythm of her heart. I am grateful to have been born into a culture where music played through us. During Sunday School, weddings, funerals, meetings and gatherings there were long drawn out, drone like psalms and as a child would sit through hours of singing. I entertained boredom with the curiosity of how it could take 5 minutes to sing 6 words. Haunting hymns, like shimmering veils dancing between seen and the unseen, galvanized the cross of spirit and flesh. There were also catchy, swaying songs of love, romance and heartbreak. Steeped in the spiritual aspect of singing it was meditation, inspiration, peaceful protest, expression of gratitude for nature and love. Songs prepared the fields for new seeds of thoughts, ideas, and food. They pulled us through tough times and plowed these fields, the space where we listen to the quiet, venerated voice within.  

What I share with you is from this quiet voice I call the Enchantress of the Heart. I fell in love with the song "Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me" integrated it and then sang it to a culturally diverse audience when I was 5. Integrating peace songs and singing solo became part of my life. Soon I became a channel and received songs that reflected the internal work I did and integrated. Sometimes, they were light and fluffy romantic or silly songs.


This site was inspired by Cause to Wonder who focus on curiosity and interactive performances to educate and provoke word of mouth media.

Helping women brings good things is used for the purpose changing the world for the greatest good of all.

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Spectrum of Love  

Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Humbleness, Courtesy, Altruism, Good-temperateness, Guilelessness, Sincerity, Gratitude, Endurance, Forgiveness, Courage. Labor of  Love, Blessings of Love.

   Today's the Day

I like the way you smile my way. Twinkling eyes are so lovely.

Today's the day, today's the day, today's the day, today's the day, today's the day, today's the day for love.

Walk with me and stay a while. Share those stories sweet heart style.

Being Love

Being Love. Knowing that Love is here for me. I am being Love and beckoned to a perfect place of peace that is here for me now and I allow my mind to be at peace. I allow, my being peace.

I am being Love. I am beckoned to a perfect place of peace that is here for me now and I allow my mind to be at peace. I allow my being peace.

We could all use more Love

We could all use more love now and a strong warm helping hand. all could use good loving. Love is here for me now.

Love is the fire. Burning in my heart. Love is the ember. Embers into flames. Embers into flames.

Love light dark night through our life. Love light dark night through our life

Toinya-Marie and the Enchantress of the Heart

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