My mother, Mary, and I in 1999. She is an inspiration to me and to many others. We are standing with a rose bush that we will gather rose hips from, dry and simmer with other herbs like licorice. I savor the time we drank tea and sought council with each other by the fire in the deep of winter. When Mary was a girl she would save the threads her grandmother discarded in order to sew things for herself. I grew up with her saving things and I admired her abilities and began doing so too. I would rummage though the old clothes and would say "Hmm, they are wearing something like this in the Vogue magazine." Then wear it to school. My nickname became O.F.F. Old Fashioned Fominoff.

I've always enjoyed dressing up and up-cycling

clothing. Here I am wearing my grandmother's coat which I shortened and used the fabric to make two hats. It's an outfit I love to bring out in the fall and then bring out the next inspired piece !

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