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I was born into a lineage for whom consciously embodying the Spark of Light within ourselves while acknowledging It within each other was a daily practice. Praying, chanting and singing were elementally infused into life ~ each individual voice harmoniously contributing to the One.

We chose to live in accordance with Mother Nature, bow to Life within each other and practice noncooperation.



Singing has always been a spiritual practice for me. My public debut was when I was five. Songwriting began in my teens and is informed by Mother Nature and spirituality.

It was my mother's will to transmute generational and collective trauma by yearning providing an environment nurturing personal and spiritual sovereignty that cleared the way for me to begin a lifelong yoga practice when I was four.

Being spiritually creative has always been a joy. My paternal grandmother taught me how to sew when I was five and that was the beginning of my upcycling fashion designing w sewing outfits for my dolls. I still love to design and sew.











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