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I have profound love and appreciation for Life, and its evolution. Nature brings me great joy and inspires me to express my love creatively. I enjoy yoga, listening to nature (and discovering its treasures such as the Swallow Tail cocoon in the picture above!),  songwriting, writing, singing, playing the harp, up-cycling, designing, sewing, painting, dancing, playing with the family, and gardening. I love learning and am an eternal student looking through a lens of curiosity and wonder. 

I have been drawn to do this work looking for ways to mend and heal the fractured parts. ​I was born into a lineage for whom living life was a spiritual practice. Honoring the Spark of Life ~ the inherent ever-evolving intelligence, that guides the unfolding of our becoming, was a way of life. Like many peoples, my ancestors experienced overt and covert systemic oppression. The power over dynamic divides us from our essence and disconnects humanity from their human dignity. Traumatic events created a wedge that fragment parts of us. It becomes part of the air we breathe when we are born into this world.  We adapt to survive and these adaptations recreate patterns individually, collectively and ancestrally. They play on like a broken record if not seen, listened to, understood and restored to its original movement. This set me on a quest for understanding, mending and healing.

I love doing this work because I know what it is like to feel disconnected

hope for things to get better and feel the difference when they do.

I also experience the benefits of good therapists and counsellors.

I value Love and its attributes; patience, kindness, generosity, humbleness, courtesy, altruism, good-temperedness, guilelessness, sincerity, gratitude, endurance, forgiveness and courage. I work to cultivate these values in my field.


"In our bodies, in this moment, there live the seed impulses of the change and spiritual growth we seek, and to awaken them we must bring our awareness into the body, into the here and now." ~ Pat Ogden


Glimpses of my studies

Orca Institute - Counselling

Opening to Grace - Relational Somatic Therapy - Mariah Moser

Grief Counseling - Christina Zampitella, Diana Sebzda

Collective Healing Journey - Thomas Hubl

Principles of Collective Trauma Healing - Thomas Hubl

Nonviolent studies - Metta Center for Nonviolence

Positive Neuroplasticity ~ Rick Hanson

Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping ~ Selkirk College

Life Coach - Certified Coaching Federation

Yoga Teacher ~ Patanjali Yoga Center

Nonviolent communication

Reiki - Phyllis Lei Furumoto


“The essence of trauma is disconnection…so the real question is: How did we get separated and how do we connect?” – Gabor Mate



Toinya Fominoff
  RTC # 3115



My yoga practice began when I was four. ~ I enjoy inner body exercises that help me to align body, heart, mind, spirit ~ individual self with universal consciousness.

Beloved Partner

Beloved Partner

We have commitment to cultivating an interdependent relationship ~ maintaining a sense of self while we mutually depend on each other for support and fulfilment.



As a home-educating mother of 29 years I've been co-creating a field in which each of the 5 children born through me has the time and space to connect with their inner wisdom and inherent ever-evolving intelligence that guides their becoming.

Living life as an art.

Living life as an art.

You are a masterpiece! I enjoy up-cycling, creating, designing, sewing.

Blessed Harp

Blessed Harp

My father and I built this harp. He had a beautiful voice and played guitar nicely. I love to deeply listen to nature and share songs that sing through me.

Life is abloom!

Life is abloom!

I enjoy tending the garden.

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